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Presentation Edition Ceramics of Ukraine gives its readers review of the history of origination, uprising and development of ceramic art and industry in Ukraine.
On the pages of the book one can find biographical information about and works of the artists who, while working in different genres and styles, have in common a deep love to clay.
Special sections of the edition are dedicated to production of ceramic ware, as well as to the achievements of Ukrainian scientists in the field of creation of new technical ceramic products having advanced properties.
The book may be of interest both to specialists and to the general public as well.


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. . Serb
Director of the Logos Ukraine Publishing Center Ltd.

Members of the Editorial Board
L. P. Mysan
Project Manager

O. V. Havrylenko
Deputy Project Manager

V. . Onishchenko
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, 
Member of the National Union of Artists of Folk Arts of Ukraine, Artist-ceramist

S. . Andrusiv
Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine,
Head of the Department of Art Ceramics at the Lviv National Academy of Arts,
Private senior lecturer, Artist-ceramist

. V. Poshyvailo
Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine, Candidate of History, Head of Kyiv Branch of the National Union of Folk Art Masters
of Ukraine (NUFAMU), Research Director of the Ivan Honchar Museum Ukrainian Centre of Folk Culture,
Ethnologist, Ceramologist S. . Proskura Director of Museum of Ceramic Tiles and Sanitary Ware (Kharkiv) . . Prikhna Corresponding Member of NASU, Professor, Doctor of Science . . Holubets Professor at the Department of Ceramics of Lviv National Academy of Arts, Doctor of Art Criticism

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